Survival Clothing

The survival pants

The best survival pants are found on the military side. You also have cargo pants, camouflage pants, casual pants or combat pants.

They are completely adapted to a bushcraft or survival lifestyle: strategically placed multi-pockets, strong seams, camouflage colors (green, gray, dark tones).

The best survival pants have an elastic waistband for comfort and of course belt loops. Some will even have knee reinforcements.

You’ll find good cargo or pocket pants, mostly for men. If you are a woman, you might have less choice but nothing prevents you from choosing men’s pants that fit you.

That’s what I did and I’m super comfortable in them. Be sure to check the sizes when ordering too!

What about thermal clothing?

Take at least one pair of thermal underpants and a sweater with you. Whether it’s for the cold during the day or for sleeping in your sleeping bag or hammock.

Biker or cyclist type clothing will do.

Thermal clothing can be made of carbon fiber for the best but the most common are made of polyester.

You can find an underpant made of windproof thermoactive fabric with a soft fleece lining. Its material is made to be soft, breathable and stretchy. It dries very quickly and is extremely comfortable.



The survival jacket

The best survival jacket must be waterproof and comfortable. The best buschcraft jackets are available from military and technical clothing manufacturers (expeditions, long-distance hiking).

There are discreet ones, to be unnoticed in urban areas (or in case of evacuation) or clearly survivalist style: you will have something for everyone.

The ultimate prepper jacket is solid, functional, warm and of course waterproof. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a jacket with a weatherproof hood and pockets.

Of course, you remain master of your choices, according to your tastes. Here is however a small summary of the ideal jacket:

  • Hood: adjustable and removable
  • Collar: resealable to protect you from the cold and bad weather
  • Outer layer: waterproof
  • Sleeves: tight cuffs
  • Storm flap: this option on or under the zipper gives extra protection against wind and rain
  • Ventilation: a closed ventilation zipper keeps body heat inside.

You’ll find a very warm military style jacket or you may prefer the Milwaukee heated jacket:



Survival shoes

Choosing the best survival footwear is paramount in your survival gear. It is your feet that will be walking on all types of terrain, sometimes all day long. They are the ones that support your body and therefore your safety.

You must therefore bet on quality: your shoes will take you everywhere and will last for years!

You can choose military rangers or trekking rangers or military boots. High or low, lighter for the summer, waterproof for the winter, choose the survival shoes that suit you: solid and comfortable.

Here are some men/women rangers that are a hit, considering the number of comments and photos of super happy customers. I can confirm that they are also suitable for women (I love the Magnum) and that they are strong, durable, waterproof and comfortable: