Survival Knife

Survivalism is a lifestyle devoid of all comforts. You are required to live in an environment without technology so… having a survival knife is necessary.

Some tools or accessories are necessary (such as a first aid kit or a survival knife), others are optional (survival watch or hooking item).

There are many and we will try to guide you in your choice, according to your situation, your tastes, your budget.


Survival Knife

The survival knife is the first accessory you need to think about. It will serve you for cutting branches, cooking, skinning an animal or feeling safe in case of a threat.

There are several kinds of survival knives and it is best to consider several factors before making your choice:

  • Specific survival knife or multipurpose (Swiss Army knife type)?
  • What type of blade?
  • What size of knife?

Survival knife or Swiss Army knife?

If you choose a Swiss Army knife, you will have several functions, which is very practical. You will have for example, in addition to the blade, a can opener, pliers, a screwdriver.

But you have to take into account that it is a less solid knife, because it becomes more fragile when opened and closed.

Of course, there are more reliable knives than others made of stainless steel and with ergonomic handles.

The ideal, if you want to have a Swiss Army knife with you, is to combine it with a survival knife.

A survival knife is specialized for bushcraft. It is a hunting knife or military knife, strong and durable, capable of cutting branches.


Which blade for your survival knife?

There are various types of blades: flexible or rigid blade, thin or wide blade.

The determining factor is: what type of metal for your survival knife?

  • Steel (or alloy) blade: it determines the hardness, the resistance and the stainless aspect. You can refer to its carbon index: the higher the index, the harder the blade is and therefore cuts well. Also look at the chromium content (minimum 13% for a stainless steel blade).
  • Ceramic blade: if you like this quality, look at the purity of the blade which must contain at least 95% ceramic. If you choose a brand that specializes in ceramic survival knives, you are sure to have a good blade. Note, however, that a ceramic blade is more fragile and will deteriorate faster if it cuts certain materials (frozen food, bones) or if it is exposed to fire. In addition, this survival knife requires sharpening with a special ceramic sharpener.

What size for your survival knife ?

Survivalists recommend a minimum length of 13 inch. If your survival knife is smaller, you may not be able to use it in all situations required in survivalism.

Unless you choose a pocket knife, which is also practical.

Here’s our tip: the 6-in-1 multifunction knife: survival knife / saw blade / pliers / bottle opener / can opener / screwdriver.

Stainless steel blade, its aluminum handle is designed to be well gripped and robust. It is suitable for both right and left handed people.

Easy to fold, it can be attached to the belt thanks to its supplied sheath. Safety lock to prevent unintentional opening or closing: