Water Bottles and Water Filters

We might tend to forget it, but water is absolutely vital to survive in bushcraft. And not only is it essential, but it must be drinkable (and not just drinkable, we’re talking about that difference here).

A simple stream could tempt you if you are thirsty, and yet… its clear water must be filtered. Any toxic substance could have contaminated it upstream (protozoa, bacteria, sediment…): human waste, dead animals, animal urine, heavy metals, pollution.

And some bacteria can be more or less dangerous. The e-coli bacteria can cause food poisoning, more serious in children. It is also important to filter other dangerous bacteria and viruses found in water such as salmonella, cysts, cholera, staphylococcus, legionella…

Water filters

When you have located your water source, whether it is a stream or a fountain, the first thing to do is to use a water filter. The ones we recommend are: water filters for gourds (individual treatment) and filters for fixed fountains (collective treatment).

We mainly recommend this brand of water filters: 

  • Berkey
  • Berkefeld (GB)
  • Katadyn (Swiss)

Berkey (US) or Berkefeld (GB) large capacity fixed water filtration system

There are several water filtration systems, made of stainless steel for optimal water conservation.

Ideal for a base camp, these fountains hold between 2 gallons and 6 gallons. It is up to you to choose the best capacity according to the number of people present.

Each water cooler comes with 2 spare filters (which can filter up to 6000 gallons of water in total).

berkey-Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements

Katadyn Personal Water Filter

Katadyn is a Swiss brand specializing in self-sufficient water and food supply: for all bushcraft life but also in case of natural disasters or war.

World leader in water treatment, it is a reference used by the military and NGOs. It is therefore reliable and safe.

With Katadyn, you will be able to drink clean water anywhere. You will need an individual and mobile water filter.

The best water filter is the Katadyn Pocket Water Purifier. It is a compact, reliable and robust pump. It is placed directly in the water and pumps out about 0.2 gallon / min.

It has a service life of up to 13,000 liters of purified water (depending on the quality of the water to be filtered). It comes with a 20-year warranty.

The Katadyn Pocket Water Purifier is made of ceramic. The micropores are small enough (0.2 microns or 0.0002 mm) to act as a barrier against micro-organisms.

Survivalists praise this brand for its unmatched reliability and longevity.

Pocket Water Purifier

If you’re looking for a small, handy and practical water filter at a great price, you can also opt for these emergency water filters.

After all, being able to drink clean water in the open air or in an urban emergency is vital.

You will be able to take your filter with you everywhere, accessible in a second in case of need. 

Katadyn Portable Base Camp Water Filter

The Katadyn Gravity Camp Water Filter has a capacity of 1,6-gallon. Ideal for several people, this filter clips to a branch or any horizontal bar at height. It is therefore easy to transport and practical because it is placed high up.

Its Ultra Flow filter is placed in the middle and purifies 0,5-gallon of water/mn.

Made of nylon, this water filter can filter up to 396-gallon of water (depending on the water quality).

Portable Water Purifier Berkey

Berkey is a brand specialized in purifiers by microporous filtration combined with the latest technologies. It supplies both sedentary individuals in urban areas, as in case of natural disasters.

The Berkey water filter is made of coconut carbon and silver ions. Their particularity is in the simple and fast assembly, use and maintenance: there is no need of any tool, nor any connection.

This is why preppers often use this brand as a water filter.

Vocabulary history: The Berkey brand specifies that the term “purifier” is more appropriate than water filter: the control standards of the purifier are more severe:


Filter: Bacteria filtration > 99.99% VS Purifier: Bacteria filtration > 99.9999

Berkey’s best-selling water bottle is the Autonomous Purifier Water Bottle, which is very practical with its direct filtration system when the water is sucked up (poured directly into the bottle). The kit offers two bottles at the same time (to avoid accumulation): The Berkey Portable Purifier Bottle 0.6 L.

The filtration system is identical to that of the non-nomadic models: the water is filtered when it is sucked in.

It is made of medical grade polyethylene (BPA free). Its filter allows 640 refills.

Katadyn Tactical BeeFree Filter Bottle

Katadyn is a Swiss brand that offers simple, durable, and effective solutions for all outdoor, military, emergency, and humanitarian food and water needs.

Katadyn is a very reliable brand created in 1928 in Switzerland. It is now the world leader in mobile drinking water treatment products.

Source Wikipedia: “It all started with the development of a new method for the chemical treatment and preservation of drinking water.

In order to be able to produce and market his “catabolic silver tablets” industrially, Alexander Krause founded a company in the same year under the name Katadyn, derived from the chemical process of catalysis.

The procedure and basic recipe for these silver tablets containing the active ingredient silver chloride have remained virtually unchanged to this day.

In 1952, Katadyn launched the world’s first pocket filter for drinking water treatment.

In 1980, Katadyn opened its first branch in the USA, and later in Scandinavia, before acquiring other brands to expand its range.

Other Filtering Bottles – Portable Water Purifier

All-in-One Filtering Straw Flask – Ideal in the lack of Micropur tablets

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

If you prefer to carry a practical and mini filter, we propose you the survival filtering system.

Its mini pump allows a mini size (you can for example clip it directly on a tap).

It can be taken everywhere thanks to its light weight and its strap to hang it wherever you want.

This award-winning Personal Water Filter is second to none: it removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa and filters particles down to 0.1 micron.

This small size water bottle filter is innovative because it filters up to 100 000 Gallons of water without any chemicals.

The Mini Water Filtration System: Sawyer Products has developed a high performance mini water filter that can be attached anywhere you want: on your water bottle, on your bag or even at the source: it allows you to drink directly from the source thanks to the straw provided!

It is very light and fits in your hand.

Little extra: the included straw allows you to drink directly from the source.

And above all: the filter has a record life of + 100 000 gallons!

The Sawyer brand has a 30 years experience in protection and hygiene for hikers.lack

Filter Bottles

These are water bottles with integrated filter.

Very practical to move around, this type of water bottle can be easily hung up thanks to its carabiner.

Its integrated water filter is made with the highest filtration standards: 99.99% efficient against water bacteria (including E-coli), parasites and even micro-plastics.

Its filter is often made of activated carbon, which reduces odors. Depending on the model, it can filter up to 1000 L of contaminated water without using iodine, chlorine or chemicals.

We suggest these 3 successful models of water bottles with integrated filters:

LifeStraw, Katadyn and Berkey: