Survival Gear

Choosing the best survival gear is critical to your comfort and safety.

Gear includes everything you will take for survival or bushcraft: clothes, shoes, backpack, accessories, tools, etc.

The market is vast and we don’t always know what to choose. Looking for a guide to survival gear? We invite you to discover our best quality-price selection of survival equipment.

Here is for example a comparison for a folding shovel (multi tools), essential for survival. They take up little space while providing all the tools needed to cut branches, dig, etc. :



Best survival gear

Clothing and Footwear

Some types of clothing and footwear are more suitable for survival than others. You will often find your happiness by looking at military or technical jackets, hiker-type underpants or casual or military-type pants. The shoes are rangers. The best jacket is above all warm and waterproof. Some survivalists also prefer to increase their safety by wearing a survival vest.

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The sleeping bag

Sleeping well when you are outside is not always easy. We have selected for you comfortable, waterproof and above all cold-resistant sleeping bags. Depending on your preferences and your budget, you can choose them in synthetic material or in feathers, for example. Maybe you’ll want to try a hammock (there are now hammock sleeping bags all in one!)

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The survival bag or B.O.B.

The choice of your backpack is essential: it will be your mobile home. Your evacuation bag will contain all your survival equipment (sleeping, food, water, clothing, first aid kit) as well as tools or accessories that you will choose according to your personal needs. For example, you can provide a DIY kit or an orientation kit.

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The survival knife

Bushcraft life is not possible without a survival knife! Whether it is to cut branches for passage or wood for fire, the survival knife will become your survival companion. On the dedicated page, we guide you for the best possible choice, taking into account the type of knife (simple or multifunctional like the Swiss Army knife), the blade or the size.

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